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Make your special occasion truly unforgettable with our exquisite Personalised Hand-Cut Large Diamante Vase. This stunning vase can be customised with your choice of initials or names, as well as a significant date, making it a perfect gift for weddings or any other memorable event.

Expertly crafted, each glass is meticulously hand-cut and hand-polished to create a flawless finish that radiates elegance. The exquisite heart swirl design adds a touch of romance and sophistication, while the delicate small hearts design underneath the personalisation adds a charming detail.

Please bear in mind that this item is meticulously hand-blown, which means that each piece may possess unique characteristics within the glass. This includes slight irregularities or a slightly asymmetrical form, which only adds to its individuality and beauty. We cannot guarantee flawless glassware, but we assure you that it will possess its own distinctive charm.

Ideal for weddings and other special occasions, this Personalised Hand-Cut Large Diamante Vase serves as a stunning centerpiece or a thoughtful gift that will be cherished for years to come. Create a lasting memory by personalising this exquisite vase to commemorate your special day.



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